It’s time to say goodbye…

…to the old studio that is! I bet you were thinking something else weren’t you??

I am settling into the new studio here in Downtown Bay City nicely! The new space has huge windows with a ton of natural light. I love sitting at my desk and feeling the warm sun on me while I am working. Everyone here has been incredibly welcoming and I could not have been more happy for the move. This new space is going to serve me and my clients wonderfully. I have so much more room to breathe! Kaitlyn even has an actual hair and makeup station now on one side of the office all to herself! She does not have to set up on the entertainment center by the TV anymore!

In all honesty this all happened so fast! The new studio kind of fell into my lap. I have been keeping my eye out for spaces for a little while now. Kaitlyn and I were outgrowing the old in-home studio quickly. However, I did not just want to jump into any old place. I wanted something bigger (but not too big) and it had to have good natural light since I do not shoot with any sort of fake lighting. There is just something about all natural light that makes my heart sing! I knew if I did not jump on this I would never find something I loved just as much.

Moving day did not go AT ALL how I wanted it to. Do things like that EVER go as they are supposed to though? We were supposed to be at the studio by 1:30pm but did not end up getting here until 5pm! The guys had issues with getting some furniture apart and then it was raining so we had to get a tarp to cover everything. We have a normal trailer and could not get a fully enclosed one so we worked with what we had. That night we were able to get everything into the studio but by that time we were all exhausted because it was fairly late. Since we moved in on Friday we came back on Sunday to get all the furniture put together.

As I knew it would, everything about the transition came with a few hiccups. The original vanity I bought for Kaitlyn did not work and I had to buy a new one to replace it. I got her a fancy new makeup mirror with the Hollywood style lights around it. The base to the mirror took up the entire surface of the original makeup vanity I got so I bought her an actual desk vanity and that works like a charm! I have Styrofoam coming out of my eyeballs and I am pretty sure I have vacuumed at least a million times in here!

There are a few things I am still planning on adding to the space. I am going to update all my studio samples, get racks so the client closet is hanging on the wall and not just shoved in the drawers that I have, get a few more plants, etc! It is all coming together! I have an open house set for May 19th from 12pm to 4pm to celebrate us opening here in downtown. There is going to be a live session demo and a bunch of amazing giveaways! I am so excited for all I have planned and I would love for you to join!






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