My Passport Shit Show

Hello Gorgeous!

So I want to say before I even get started that I take FULL responsibility for not getting my passport sooner. The shit show you are about to read could have been avoided had I not waited last minute. But, such is life LOL Karma 100% circled around and kicked my ass.

On June 10th I will be leaving to drive into Canada for an immersive 3 day boudoir training in Canada with some of the BEST Boudoir Photographers there are. I purchased the ticket to go early last summer so I have known for a while I was going. For a long time my mindset was “Oh, I have time to get my passport!” to “Oh shit it is getting closer” to a week ago thinking “Alexa, get your life together”. Many of you know I struggle with anxiety. Usually I do pretty good at managing it but this whole situation had it ALL out of whack. At this point I had to have it expedited because I was leaving within two weeks of applying. I made an appointment online at the Passport Agency in Detroit for Friday at Noon. I figured that would give me enough time to get up, get all my stuff around and travel the two hours down there.

I tried to be as prepared as possible (ha!) for my appointment. Thursday night I got all my documents ready and headed to Staples to make copies of all the crap that they needed which included birth certificate, drivers license, printed out the application that I had filled out on line, etc. I put everything in a folder so it was all in one place. The only thing I had to do was get up Friday morning to hit the bank for the money order to pay for the passport and hit the road. Well…

I woke up Friday morning feeling pretty good. Kinda nervous because I hate driving in big cities (a huge anxiety trigger for me) but overall okay. I get to my bank to get a money order, no big deal. I walk up to the counter, tell them what I needed and she asks for my ID. Open my wallet and MY EVER LOVING ID IS NOT IN MY WALLET. I literally JUST had it the night before making photo copies. So here I am in the middle of the bank having a freaking melt down. I was going to need my ID for my passport appointment! Luckily, the girls at my bank know who I am so they gave me the money order without any issues. I got back in the car and it dawned on me. I freaking left my ID in the copier at Staples the night before. I quickly called over to staples and sure enough, they had it. It only took me a couple minutes to get there so I grabbed it and headed on my way to Detroit. My GPS told me I would be there at 11:30am so that gave me plenty of wiggle room to get there in case I hit any traffic. Luckily, I did not and arrived into Detroit right at 11:30.

Here is where the “fun” part starts. Getting off the highway and getting into Detroit my anxiety started to skyrocket. My heart was beating a million miles a minute, my hands were getting sweaty and my mind started racing. I absolutely despise driving in big cities. There are just too many people, too many lights, too much construction and just an overall overabundance of idiots. So as I was going through Detroit I just wanted to drive past the building I was supposed to be at before I found a parking garage. That way I knew right where I was going and didn’t just have to wander by myself. Luckily there was a parking garage right across from it and I pulled in there. As I pulled in there was a gentleman who was foreign and spoke broken English. From what he said it was a credit card only garage and that he wanted me to bring my car all the way to the very top of the garage and I was to come back down and give him my keys. My gut was telling me that was a horrible idea. I have never had to do that at any parking garage before. Cue my anxiety jumping even more. He kept asking “Will you do that? Are you going to bring me your keys?” I told him yes although I was unsure. I put my card in and then continued up into the garage. I found a spot on the second floor and pulled in. There were signs everywhere saying I “Must Bring Keys to Attendant”. I was not comfortable going all the way to the top of the garage and was SUPER uncomfortable having to leave my keys…so I didn’t. I put them in my pocket and snuck out the exit opening.

No one saw me or said anything so I continued to cross the street and pop into the building where the Passport Agency was located. When I walked in it was 11:41am. I had to go through security and check in where two people checked my paperwork to make sure I had everything. I was still very anxious from driving and the garage encounter and just making sure all my paperwork was there when the first lady said they may make me come back because I did not have my marriage license to prove my last name had changed. CUE HEART IN THROAT. Well fuck. She let me continue on my way to the second lady to formally check in to my noon appointment. The agency itself was not very busy. I walked right up to the check in window, handed the girl my paperwork to review (she didn’t say anything about my marriage license thank heavens), she gave me a number and told me to sit until my number was called. Y’all. I kid you not I was only sitting for three minutes before I was called up. All my shit was exactly how it was supposed to be. I had to swear an oath and then my ass was out of there 10 minutes later. I was back at my car by NOON! I sat in my car and had to chill out for a couple minutes to get my heart rate to go back down. Once I felt centered enough I started my car and headed home.

I did it. And you know what? It didn’t kill me. It caused me a hell of a lot of stress but I did it. Moral of the story: Don’t wait until last minute to get your passport!




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