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Happy Wednesday #boudiebabes!

At the end of 2021 I signed a lease on my dream studio! However, it needed a lot work. The space itself used to be an old attorneys office. It had really old wood paneling, outdated carpet and the walls even had wallpaper. We had thirty days to completely transform the space into the way I wanted it.

Not only is my boudoir studio in this space but there are two other rooms in it as well. In addition to the room with my boudoir setup with a bed and couch there is another room with more traditional backdrops, seamless paper and props. The third room is what I use as my office doing all my administrative and computer work. So not the fun aspect of what I do.

What is really cool about this space is that I co-lease it with a good friend of mine that also does photography and we rent it out to other photographers that need space to shoot too! This is especially handy for new and hobby photographers that don’t need or want their own space.

Our goal for this space was to be a mix of boho and industrial. In the room that I shoot in we exposed the original brick walls and the conduit for the electrical to warm up the stark white walls. For flooring we went with a warm marbled wood to compliment the brick. As far as an industrial flare goes the frame of the bed is a black platform style with no headboard or foot board that will get in the way of the images. All the bedding is white to keep photos neutral and we will eventually have additional sheet options for other photographers to switch out. On the opposite side of the room there is a really cool gold floor mirror that is round at the top instead of square. My favorite part of it all is probably my pink velvet couch sitting in the front corner by the giant windows overlooking the downtown. To tie it all together I added some plants to make it more earthy. Once we got it all together we decided to paint the back wall black to give it some dimension.

This was one of the worst renovation projects I have ever done. Let’s just say that I am incredibly glad it is all over. I am not the handiest tool in the bunch but we have made it everything that I wanted it to be. Hoping this is going to be my forever studio. I am so happy with the way it turned out!

I cannot wait to create here!



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