What made you choose Boudoir  by Alexa for your boudoir experience? Your black Friday sale! What was your favorite part about your session? How comfortable you and Kaitlyn made it. Were you nervous? At first yes and then once I got there and we began talking it went away! What are you taking away from […]

What made you choose Boudoir  by Alexa for your boudoir experience? Really the only boudoir page I follow. However the personal aspect was important, it wasn’t a large company and unknown staff, you’re open and honest and the transparency of yourself/business would have drawn me your way even if I was looking at other places. […]

Hey lovelies! This year I am doing something a little different! I am going to be featuring a fellow #bossbabe in our community on the first Wednesday of every month! If you have a fellow boss babe in mind that you think should be featured feel free to email me at hello@boudoirbyalexa.com. This month I […]

Hey loves! I had this babe in the studio a couple weeks ago and she gave me permission to share some of her stunning images! I absolutely loved having her in the studio. She is getting married in a couple weeks and I assumed that she was doing a session for her husband-to-be. While that […]

Hey babes! The biggest questions I get asked from people when I tell them I specialize in boudoir photography is…you guessed it… What is boudoir? There are a couple different ways of answering this. There is the technical answer…and then then the not so technical answer. That may sound silly but if you keep reading […]

Well, hi! I first and foremost want to thank you for stopping by the blog today and seeing what I am all about. I have worked hard to build my business and give my clients an amazing experience. So…I know you all are wondering, who is this chick that is going to be taking pictures […]






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